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Tips for Homeowners

The end of September is the perfect time of year to focus on getting your HVAC system ready to welcome the colder temperatures. If you have a relatively new and well-maintained HVAC system, you probably won’t have to do much to make the switch from cooling to heating, but there are still some things you should consider doing when prepping your HVAC for fall.

Here are our top tips to help you prepare for the new season ahead: 1. SCHEDULE A MAINTENANCE CHECKUP Regular maintenance will protect the components of your HVAC unit and keep it working properly. When a yearly maintenance checkup is completed, system issues can be identified and corrected before it’s time to turn on your heat. This will help you avoid serious damage that could lead to costly repairs or a loss of heating when it’s cold outside.


Replace existing air filters with a new furnace filter before it’s time to use your heating equipment. This way, the system won’t suffer from a major airflow blockage and your unit

will be working properly at maximum efficiency!

3. TEST YOUR CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS (Make this critical check part of your routine for preparing your HVAC system for fall.) Fall and winter we often see a rise in fire and CO poisoning events in homes. Problems like a crack in the heat exchanger or a blocked flue stops the safe venting of this gas to the outdoors and can cause it to find its way into your living areas. Please make sure to change the batteries and test your carbon monoxide devices regularly to prevent tragic accidents.

Testing a Carbon Monoxide Detector


Press the test button on the alarm until it sounds. If the device does not produce a loud, steady alarm or if it is over 10 years old, you need to install a new one.

4. LOCATE DRAFTS IN YOUR HOME Did you know leaks are a common cause of HVAC inefficiencies? Air leaks in an average house are equivalent to leaving a medium-sized window wide open 24 hours a day! During extreme temperatures, those home air leaks could cost you a bundle in energy loss. Do your best to find these leaks and seal all them up before the cold weather comes.

5. CARE FOR YOUR OUTDOOR UNIT Your outdoor AC unit is constantly exposed to the elements, so it frequently gets covered by leaves, branches, dirt, and other debris. By giving your AC unit a good cleaning prior to winter, you can prevent future airflow issues and damage. We suggest doing the following:

  1. Use a brush to remove dirt, debris, and grass clippings from the fins that cover the coils in the air conditioner

  2. Pull out vegetation that grows up along the sides of the unit

  3. Prune bushes and shrubs close to the unit

  4. Trim trees on the property to remove dead branches that could fall and damage the outdoor unit

TURN TO LOCAL EXPERTS FOR ASSISTANCE Following the tips above, your heating system can be winter ready before the end of fall! We specialize in AC and furnace installation, repair, and maintenance, and we will be happy to get your HVAC system in good working condition before cold weather hits. Contact Broadway Heating and Cooling today to request an appointment for heating maintenance tune ups or repairs.


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